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Why Use VitaLink Clay Pebbles?

Why Use VitaLink Clay Pebbles?

Clay pebbles are a popular growing media and for good reason. Clay pebbles provide excellent aeration around the root zone, as the pebbles do not compact. They can be re-used but need to be thoroughly washed first.

Clay pebbles are a pure hydro based media, but can also be used for pot culture or mixed with other growing media to help improve drainage and aeration.

So, why should you choose VitaLink Clay Pebbles?

VitaLink Clay Pebbles offer strong structural integrity and good root aeration. They have a very stable EC and pH, meaning they will not significantly affect the pH of your nutrient solution, or leak undesired minerals into it. VitaLink Clay Pebbles have a lower bulk density than other competitors, which means they are more porous and will hold more air and water in a given volume. The irregular shapes to the pebbles, also means that they have a larger surface area for the plant to benefit from.

VitaLink Clay Pebbles are ideal for flood and drain, multi–pot and drip-ring systems, as well as support media for deep water culture. They can also be used to mix with other substrates to improve structure, or to add a drainage layer in the bottom of pots. When using VitaLink Clay Pebbles, try our Hydro MAX base nutrient for best results.

VitaLink Clay Pebbles are available in 10L and 45L bags.

Top Tip: always wash your clay pebbles with fresh water before use, this helps to eliminate dust and small particles that can block drippers and pumps. It will also help in ensuring the pebbles are pH neutral.

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