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titan XL Flood and Drain Kit

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The titan is a range of table based Flood and Drain hydroponic systems that is also known as Ebb and Flow or Ebb and Flood. These are popular growing systems for the more experienced grower and use media and nutrient/water solution. The titan is available in 4 different sizes - titan S; titan M; titan L; and titan XL. The main principle of Flood and Drain is to bring fresh water and nutrients to the root zone. The plants sit on the growing table that sits on top of the tank. The flood cycle is when the nutrients are pumped from the tank to the table bringing fresh nutrient solution to the plant's roots. Whilst the drain cycle releases the nutrients back into the tank and draws fresh air to the roots. A timer can be used to control the number of times a flood cycle is performed. The media is either spready loose on the table or put into separate free-draining pots that are placed on a table. The titan can be used with any growing media. However, a free-draining media like PLANT!T or VitaLink Clay Pebbles can be flooded more frequently than a retentive media like stonewool. All PLANT!T titan systems are supplied with innovative multi-layer table covers that are white on top and black underneath. These are lightproof but still give great reflection as they reflect light above and exclude light below. The PLANT!T plastic covers are stronger than typical corrugated plastic yet they are still easy to cut for plant spacing.


H: 410mm x W: 2390mm x D: 1075mm. Planting area: 2 x 1000mm x 1000mm

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