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LUMii Metta 600w Alloy Ballast

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We are constantly trying to improve our LUMii ballast range, and our latest addition is the robust metal cased LUMii Metta. Currently available in 600w, the Metta has the same great component quality and high output that you would expect from any of our LUMii ballasts. Fitted with super imposed-pulse ignitors, the ignition voltage is generated without placing a high voltage load on the choke, therefore extending the compact life. The LUMii Metta ballasts are well vented, meaning they are very quiet and cool running along with being safe and reliable. Fitted with IEC connector cord and mains lead, our newest addition is designed and tested in the UK.

We recommend the LUMii Sunblaster Lamp with SpectraTECH technology for use with this ballast. It gives you exceptional performance from a crystal glass finish and boosted blue spectrum.


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