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PowerPlant Raptor Reflector (No Cord)

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Size matters! Want bigger, broader, brighter light coverage? Our engineers have designed it and then doubled it with our new Dual Raptor. This mega reflector lets you double up your lighting options by using two bulbs at once. Mix and match sodium and halide and lower/higher wattage. You can run one single bulb, but get maximum light coverage if you don't need that much light. The Dual provides maximum air cooling with built in 200mm (8") flanges and it comes with a hinged frame. It also has tempered glass and wire glass hangers for safety. The PowerPlant Raptor Reflector is available on its own or with one or two lamp ALB cord sets.


L: 105cm x W: 78.1cm x H: 26.67cm. 20.32cm flange. It weighs 17.7kg

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