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Plessey Hyperion White Spectrum - 230v UK

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The HyperionTM is a full spectrum LED lighting system which will provide plants with the complete spectral range of light necessary to take plants through both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

The HyperionTM is manufactured in the UK by renowned UK Engineering Specialist Plessey, who with years of experience of manufacturing silicon chips have perfected the technology of manufacturing LED’s on silicon at their “state of the art” plant in Plymouth, improving effectiveness and reducing cost in the process.

- PAR (PPF) output 762 µmol (400nm-700nm)
- High umol per watt output (1.9 mol per watt) 
- Remote driver to reduce heat load in your growing environment
- Highly efficient heat sink, meaning it runs at a low temperature with no mechanical cooling required
- Robust design suitable for any growing environment with IP66 rated high level dust and water proofing

Lamp type



White light full PAR spectrum

Power consumption


Light beam angle

120 degrees

Power input

110V - 240V 50-60Hz

Product length

32cm (12.6in)

Product width

32cm (12.6in)

Product height

28cm (11.02in)

Recommended distance for plants in a small room

50cm (19.69in)

Recommended distance for plants in a large growroom

150cm (59.06in)

Thermal management

Passive heat sink



Light decay

>90% after 10,000hrs

Power Factor



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