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CANNA COGr Flores 5L Set (A + B)

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After years of research, CANNA developed 3 revolutionary nutrients for advanced coir growing - COGr Vega and COGr Flores along with COGr Buffering Agent. These products when combined with the unique COGr Slab provide the plant with optimal conditions for rooting and growth along with bloom. COGr Slabs can be reused up to 3 times without any loss of quality. The CANNA COGr range is a proven system that is rapidly becoming the method of choice for growing in coco slabs in Holland. At the heart of this system are compressed unbuffered slabs of coco that require the grower to soak with special COGr Buffering Agent. Then feed with a dedicated COGr Vega feed during the vegetative stage switching to COGr Flores during the flowering period. These nutrients contain added humic and fulvic acids for improved nutrient uptake as well as silicon for increased resistance to pests and disease. For growers wanting to use the system in pots, the slabs are simply buffered in the normal way and then the contents are emptied into pots. Each slab makes 21-25 litres of coco when decompressed. A 2 litre pack of CANNA COGr nutrients (1 litre A and 1 litre B) makes up to 250 litres of full strength nutrient. This is a universal formulation for hard and soft water.

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