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Biobizz Pre-Mix 25L Bag

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What is Pre·Mix?

Want guaranteed optimum growth, flowering, and maximum resistance to disease and fungal problems? Pre·Mix™ combines the qualities of different organic fertilizers, rock meals, trace elements, and fungi – all in just the right quantities in one convenient and versatile pack.


How to use it?

You can use Pre·Mix™ as a transplant or starter fertilizer. Blend it into any soil or soilless substrate or combine it with high-quality organic worm castings to add microbial life and fortify the nutritional value of your soil or planting mix.


Make your own soil mixtures (1000 litres) - 50% Potting Soil or Coco-Mix (500 litre) and 30% Perlite (300 litres) along with 15% Biobizz Worm-Humus (150 litres) and 5% Biobizz Pre-Mix (50 litres). Mix well and evenly.

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