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Steps To Grow From Cuttings

Steps To Grow From Cuttings
  1. If using cubes/plugs/sponges, pre-soak with a young plant nutrient or a weak ‘grow’ nutrient solution. If using compost, make sure it is moist, but not soaking wet.
  2. Select your cutting – it should be softwood (young, soft, green stems). Choose stems that are healthy and have at least three sets of nodes.
  3. Using a sterilised blade, make a slanted cut underneath the nodes, leaving a significant selection of the stem below.
  4. Remove the lower leaves, so energy is not wasted in maintaining them.
  5. Apply rooting gel to the dibble holes.
  6. Transfer your cutting into a propagator. In the summer, it is fine to leave your propagator on the windowsill; whilst in the winter months, it is important to control the heat and light, by using items, such as, a propagation lamp and a heat mat.