growing is a closed system that combines hydroponic techniques along side aquaculture.

Simply put, the waste produced by the fish provides the plants with nutrients. The plants then 'clean' the water and it is returned to the fish tank.

Drip feed, flood and drain, NFT and DWC techniques can be used.

The symbiosis of the plants and fish does rely upon a closely managed system. Beneficial bacteria that convert the fish waste into a usable form for the plants rely upon (ammonia to nitrite to nitrate) requires a carefully balanced pH (6.8 - 7.2). If left  alone the pH will drop and become too acidic causing a danger to the fish.

HydroGarden supply the FishPlant Family Unit and Production Unit. It is based on flood and drain techniques to pull water from the fish tank into the plant bed, and drain away pulling essential oxygen to the plant roots. Fish suitable for these aquaponics systems include Tilapia, Trout, Carp and Perch. You can grow a wide variety of leafy vegetables and herbs to eat including lettuces, pak choi, basil, mint, watercress and swiss chard.

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