Deep Water Culture is abbreviated to DWC. This is hydroponics in its simplest form and involves plant roots growing directly into water.

Usually a plant starts off in a small net pot which is suspended above a nutrient reservoir. The net pot contains a small amount of growing media, usually for support, that could be clay pebbles, coir, perlite or vermiculite. The plant roots grow directly down into the reservoir and take up the nutrients and water required.

A vital part of this type of growing is to ensure that the plant roots get enough Oxygen. This is usually solved by pumping air into the water with air pump and distributing this through the tank through an air stone.

The nutrient solution does need monitoring regularly for pH and EC. If your plant takes up a lot of water it will throw the equilibrium out and salts can build up potentially damaging your plant. This can prove difficult sometimes when the plants are large! The temperature of the nutrient solution also needs to also be monitored to ensure that it does not rise above 24˚C . That way your plants can thrive in a DWC system.

HydroGarden offers a  DWC system, the PLANT!T Aeros. You can also create your own with the PLANT!T bucket, lid and net pots.

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