NEW PRODUCT - Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat

08 January 2019
The LightHouse Wireless Thermostat is now available at HydroGarden!
The Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat is a smart thermostat which is easy to set-up and use. The plug and play unit can control heating or cooling equipment by altering the settings. It has a built-in, accurate temperature sensor which will automatically detect changes and adjust the environment to suit.

When the current temperature matches the goal temperature the thermostat will stop heating or cooling your grow room or tent. If the temperature gets too low or too high, the thermostat will kick in and it will turn on your device to heat up or cool down your growing environment. 

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The thermostat is easy to use with no program required, just plug it in and select heating or cooling system and the thermostat will work with your device to keep your environment controlled. 

Maximum load current up to 13A, suitable for most heating and cooling devices.

You can find the Lighthouse Wireless Thermostat here.