06 June 2017

The GoGro System is the definitive self-watering pot system, requiring minimal upkeep and engineered to provide maximum yield and versatility.

Designed with modularity at its core the GoGro can be used as a single unit or extended for multiple systems from the same nutrient tank.
Fill the pots with coco coir, a mixture of coir and pebbles or your choice of media and the GoGro will monitor nutrient levels at the base of the pot and ensure enough nutrient is available to the plant.

The Go Gro is available in 15L and 25L sizes and is suitable for flowering plants and vegetables.

15L GoGro
GoGro 15L Module (01-075-005)
GoGro 25L Module (01-075-010)
GoGro Reservoir Connection Bag (01-075-550)
GoGro Line Extension Kit (01-075-555)