LUMii BLACK lighting

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017
LUMii BLACK have released the first products available in their range.

The LUMii BLACK 600w HPS Lamp is a dual spectrum lamp with an E40 fitting. Perfect for stimulating enhanced flowering and offers 20'000 life hours and 88'000 Lumens.

The LUMii BLACK Reflector is a high quality, silver dimpled 'barn style' reflector. Suitable for use with MH and HPS lamps up to and including 600w.

Also available is the LUMii 600w Mangetic Ballast. This ballast is vented, quiet running and wall mountable. This ballast is available in a complete 600w HPS Kit and also availabe in a kit with a replacement SunBlaster Lamp.

LUMii BLACK Reflector

LUMii BLACK 600w Magnetic BallastImage title.