Guard 'n' Aid PestOFF Plus Concentrate

viernes, 22 de abril de 2016
Guard 'n' Aid PestOFF Plus Concentrate is a broad specrtrum based contact insecticide for the control of sucking and biting insects including White Fly, Aphids, Thrips, Mites, Scale Bugs, Caterpillars, Wool Bug, Mealy Bug, Beetles and some Wasp larve. 

Guard 'n' Aid PestOFF Plus Concentrate  contains the active ingredients of Natural Pyrethrum and a formulation of Rapeseed and conforms to the corresponding positive list of EEC 2092/91 for ecological farming.

Powerful and effective against adult insects, larvae stages and eggs. Ideally use this in the mornings or evening when the temeratures are cooler and give a thorough spray in all angles to get a good coverage. We would recommend a second ary spray 5-7 days after the foirst application. When dealing with Draceanae thrips, Scales and Mealy Bugs, we would recommend that the second application be sprayed after 14 days.

The 250ml concentrate makes up 22 x 750ml  spray applications. Ideal for use with the  Guard 'n' Aid Pest Pistol.
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