ROOT!T Heat Mats & Insulated Mat Bundles

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2018

ROOT!T now have a new range of budget heat mats - the Hobby heat mats.

These are available in 3 different sizes - 11 w (350 x 250mm) 30W (600 x 400mm) and 60 W (1200 x 400W)

All of the ROOT!T heat mats can be complemented with the NEW Insulated mats, also in 3 sizes to match . These insulated mats help to make a more efficient heating system and ensure that the heat is not conducted away in any work tops.

To get the most out of your heated mats, pair with the ROOT!T Thermostat

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Bundles available:
ROOT!T Small Heat Mat Bundle (12-585-025)
ROOT!T Medium Heat Mat Bundle (12-585-030)
ROOT!T Large Heat Mat Bundle (12-585-035)
ROOT!T Hobby 11 W Bundle (12-585-200)
ROOT!T Hobby 30W Bundle (12-585-205)
ROOT!T Hobby 60 W Bundle (12-585-210)