Raise fish and grow plants in the FishPlant enclosed ecosystem. Aquaponic systems suitable for a small holding , restaurant or at home! Find out more about aquaponics here.... or visit
FishPlant Family Unit kit complet
No. d'article 16-000-005
FishPlant kit de démarrage
No. d'article 16-000-240
FishPlant Correx Couvercle
No. d'article 16-000-225
FishPlant Production Unit kit complet
No. d'article 16-000-050
FishPlant aliment pour poissons
No. d'article 16-025-005
FishPlant Plant Care Kit
No. d'article 16-020-010
FishPlant Kit Fish Care
No. d'article 16-020-005
FishPlant Fer 250ml
No. d'article 16-015-005
FishPlant 300w Kit Chauffe-eau
No. d'article 16-000-255
FishPlant Auto Syphon
No. d'article 16-000-245
FishPlant Family FishTank
No. d'article 16-000-205
FishPlant Retro-Fit Plateau de culture
No. d'article 16-000-010
FishPlant aliment pour poissons - 5Kg
No. d'article 16-025-015
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