Rapid Air Movement

RAM provide high quality, specialist ventilation equipment for grow rooms, grow tents and other hydroponic growing environments. All of the fans, carbon filters, ducting, fan speed controllers and air movement accessories have been designed by growers, for growers.

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RAM AIR-PRO II Fan Speed Controller
No. d'article 08-375-120
Variispeed Fan Speed Controller
No. d'article 08-375-050
Ruban adhésif en toile (50mm x 50m)
No. d'article 08-370-005
RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier - 13L Tank
No. d'article 09-435-410
RAM ventilateur à fixer au mur
No. d'article 08-355-295
RAM Ventilateur à pince 150mm
No. d'article 08-355-273
Filtre RAM - 100/200 170m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-150
Filtre RAM - 150/475 500m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-160
Filtre RAM - 315/1250 2400m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-185
Filtre RAM - 315/800 1350m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-180
RAM Wall Humidifier
No. d'article 09-435-550
Filtre RAM - 150/600 700m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-165
Filtre RAM - 200/600 850m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-170
Filtre RAM - 250/600 1080m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-175
RAM 23cm (9") Air Circulator - 3 Speed
No. d'article 08-355-150
Filtre RAM - 125/475 350m³/hr
No. d'article 08-350-155
RAM support pour filtre
No. d'article 08-350-102
RAM CO₂ Monitor and Controller
No. d'article 09-400-120
RAM 10L Dehumidifier – 10L/day
No. d'article 09-435-450
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