About us

HydroGarden is the UK's leading manufacturer and distributor of hydroponic equipment and services. We hold stock of industry-leading brands industry such as; CANNA, BioBizz, LUMii, VitaLink, RAM, SUPERthrive and Mountain Air.

HydroGarden has been supplying specialist hydroponic equipment to the trade since February 1996. We have become a leader in the UK and international markets to retailers, commercial growers and research organisations.

As wholesalers, we focus on excellent customer service, a high quality product range and hydroponic innovation which makes us unequalled in the market.

Working with HydroGarden will enhance relations with your customers; take advantage of our knowledge and expertise as well as our marketing literature and other point of sale items to make your stores and product range inviting and exciting.

We actively strive to increase awareness of the hydroponics industry through PR and marketing to promte the benefits and potential of hydroponics.

For your convenience we've developed this new webshop which accepts orders for next day delivery as late as 3pm (an hour later than telephone orders). Contact our sales team for your username and password.