Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi

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Built-in Wi-Fi (with option to disable)   High/low pH, temperature and conductivity alarms   Non-volatile memory – keep settings through power loss   Plant-safe green LEDs with adjustable display brightness   2 metre / 6.6 foot measurement probe cables   110 – 240 VAC (Mains powered)  
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  • Built-in Wi-Fi (with option to disable) 
  • High/low pH, temperature and conductivity alarms 
  • Non-volatile memory – keep settings through power loss 
  • Plant-safe green LEDs with adjustable display brightness 
  • 2 metre / 6.6 foot measurement probe cables 
  • 110 – 240 VAC (Mains powered) 
  • Interchangeable power plug 
  • Replaceable Bluelab pH Probe (with BNC connection) 
  • When connected to Edenic by Bluelab app: 
  • Instant alarm alerts to your phone  
  • Remote monitoring and control 
  • History reporting to assist data-driven decision making 

The Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi continuously monitors the key parameters of pH, EC and temperature in a nutrient reservoir with no need for manual measurements and spot checks. Any fluctuations are instantly visible on the Guardian Monitor’s large backlit LED display and issues can be solved as and when they happen. Real time data and historic reporting are also available via Bluelab’s Edenic app on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC, and the unit is completely controllable remotely. Conductivity and temperature units can be set to the user’s preference. Discreet visual alarms can be set for the grower’s preferred parameter ranges to indicate whenever a parameter falls out of range. The water-resistant unit is easy to wall-mount or hang. It has two probes on 2m leads; a combined conductivity and temperature probe which requires no user calibration (the conductivity reading being automatically compensated for temperature), and a double-junction pH probe (replaceable when necessary) which calibrates at the push of a button. LED calibration indicators remind the user when recalibration is due. Powered from the mains by a universal power adaptor.  

Q: Why should I choose a Bluelab Guardian Monitor Wi-Fi? 
A: The fundamental parameters of pH, conductivity and temperature all play a pivotal role in driving optimal plant health. By continuously checking the fundamentals, the Bluelab Guardian Monitor will allow you to optimise your plants’ nutrient uptake. 
While conductivity indicates the total amount of nutrients in your solution, pH (potential Hydrogen) shows how acidic or alkaline your medium is, which determines nutrient absorption. Temperature affects your plants’ growth rate and structure. 
By giving instantaneous indication of any changes, both on the spot and remotely, the Bluelab Guardian Monitor enables you to swiftly take any action necessary to restore your nutrient solution to its optimum. 

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