New Irrigation Drippers

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017
HydroGarden are introducing new products into the irrigation range.

Pressure compensating spike emmitters are available in 2lph, 4lph and 8lph. These quality drippers are suitable for pots, greenhouses and landscaping and can be easily added to exiting irrigation on 4mm line. They have a flush feature to ensure that there are no blockages.

The PotStream ™ dripper stake are designed to sit on the side of pots and containers. They are easily adjusted to change the flow and radius of water delivered. 

Finally the Pressure regulator helps to optimise the performance irrigation systems and will easily connect to taps, valves, tap timers and irrigation valves in a manifold system.

- View Pressure Compensating spike emmitters  2lph (13-630-650)4lph (13-630-655) and 8lph (13-630-660)
- View PotStream ™ dripper stake (13-630-645)
- View 100Kpa Pressure Regulator (13-630-680)