LUMii is a range of quality lighting products for growing plants both indoors and outdoors delivering safety, performance and quality throughout. 
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LUMii Cord Set with 4m Cord
Item No. 03-110-350
LUMii UK Power Lead - 3m
Item No. 03-110-340
LUMii 400V 1000W Ballast
Item No. 03-105-470
LUMii Cord Set Hanging Bracket
Item No. 03-110-365
LUMii Rope Ratchet - Pack of 2
Item No. 03-110-380
LUMii Green LED Head Torch
Item No. 10-465-200
LUMii BRIGHT 100 W LED Fixture
Item No. 03-155-800
LUMii 750W 400V DE Kit
Item No. 03-101-920
1000W LUMii DE Lamp - 400V
Item No. 03-115-260
750W LUMii DE Lamp - 400V
Item No. 03-115-255
Item No. 03-115-230
600W LUMii SunBlaster HPS Lamp
Item No. 03-115-210
400W LUMii SunBlaster HPS Lamp
Item No. 03-115-205
LUMii 1000W 400V DE Kit
Item No. 03-101-910
LUMii Extension/Link Lead - 5m
Item No. 03-110-360
LUMii Green LED Work Light
Item No. 10-465-205
LUMii Solar 315W CDM Ballast
Item No. 03-105-410
Value Grow Tent Bundle
Item No. 15-700-320
LUMii Solar 315W CDM Fixture
Item No. 03-101-800
LUMii BLACK Magnetic Kit
Item No. 03-101-600
LUMii BLACK Electronic Kit
Item No. 03-101-500