A division focused on design and creation of a wide range of products for home and garden specializing in functional and design selfwatering vessels for growing of plants both in the interior and the exterior. Accessories also form one part of our production - watering cans, support and growth rests, holders and hooks for flower boxes and pots, decorative accessories, snow shovels and other products.

Round Saucer 20cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-700
Square Saucer 25cm² - Black
Item No. 01-010-605
Square Saucer 29cm² - Black
Item No. 01-010-610
Round Saucer 60cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-730
Square Saucer 21cm² - Black
Item No. 01-010-600
Square Saucer 33cm² - Black
Item No. 01-010-615
Square Saucer 42cm² - Black
Item No. 01-010-620
Round Saucer 26cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-705
Round Saucer 30cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-710
Round Saucer 35cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-715
Round Saucer 40cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-720
Round Saucer 45cm - Black
Item No. 01-010-725