Drip Feed

Drip feeding is a widely used method of growing across the world, especially in commercial hydroponic production. It is ideal for large crops that take up a lot of root space.

It is an easy concept using irrigation lines. It requires a high-pressure pump to ensure a constant flow of nutrient reaches plants at the end of the line. The nutrient then drips out of the irrigation lines and feeds the plants from the top, draining through the growing media to the roots.

You should be aware of salt build up that will potentially damage crops. It is beneficial to run water through the system regularly to flush out any residue.

Drip feed systems can be designed around a recirculating or run-to-waste system. This is usually determined by how many plants you are growing as single plants can be grown by recirculating the nutrient solution and topped up or refreshed. pH and EC need to be closely monitored to keep a balance of nutrient and avoid element deficiencies. Run-to-waste systems.

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