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Hydrogarden have enabled us to start a thriving new business by providing us with the right advice, support and equipment. Thanks to the team there we are on the best possible footing for future growth.

Steve Drew
- Yorkshire Salad

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"HydroGarden are great, I’ve had no problems. Deliveries arrive when they say they will and the girls on the desk are great, very helpful"

- Growing Underground

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"The initial support and help way back when we first opened was excellent and still continues to this day. We have a great relationship with our rep and all the staff – always professional and helpful. Our plan is to work with local schools and colleges to educate and encourage the benefits of growing hydroponically and we are proud to be linked with such a professional and versatile company like HydroGarden who fully support us."

- Sale Hydroponics

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"HydroGarden are a very professional company and a pleasure to deal with, their customer service is second to none. I’m looking forward to working with them"

- Northern Lights

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"VitaLink is our main seller, our customers are really happy with the results."

- Blooms of Birmingham

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"To be honest, HydroGarden is probably the company that has helped me the most since I opened my shop. Their staff are very helpful, if I don’t know something, they are bound to know the answer! In addition to this, their Sales Reps seem to visit more than anyone else, bring with them a range of products for me to see. It’s great as it allows me to see what is new in the industry and often they let me keep a product so I can get feedback from my customers, which is always beneficial as I am a new business and it is good to get feedback before risking buying new products in. VitaLink Foliar is a very good product, great results! I especially like the fact that HydroGarden continues to test and re-test products to get the very best from their products."

- Bloomin Clever

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"Great range of good quality products and the deliveries are always on time. I’m really happy with my rep and the customer service is excellent"

- Rotherham Hydroponics

"Hydrogarden has been a consistently solid partner over the years. Providing exceptional support and excellent service overall"