Bluelab pH Probe

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Product Features / Benefits Double - junction probe  reduces  reference  contamination, extending  longevity     Fully waterproof  -  not just water resistant     BNC connector  allows use with  all other  compatible  Bluelab  product s     2 - m etre  cable  for   measuring in  hard - to - reach
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Product Features / Benefits

  • Double-junction probe reduces reference contamination, extending longevity  
  • Fully waterproof - not just water resistant  
  • BNC connector allows use with all other compatible Bluelab products  
  • 2-metre cable for measuring in hard-to-reach locations 
  • Use the included storage cap with KCl to lengthen probe’s lifespan 
  • Fast sensor response ensures quick and accurate measurements  
  • Polycarbonate housing for long-lasting strength  
  • Effective in solutions of 0.2 EC and above 

Just like humans, all growing plants need a balanced diet of nutrients (food) in order to thrive. However, your plants will only be able to access these nutrients if the nutrient solution is within a particular pH range.  
From a water chemistry perspective, pH (potential Hydrogen) plays a critical role in making nutrients soluble so that they can be absorbed by your plants. When your growing solution becomes too acidic or too alkaline, your plants won’t be able to access the nutrients they need to grow.   
Get the fundamentals of growing right by regularly measuring pH to ensure that this is always within the optimal range.  

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