The RVK extraction fans are quiet, low wattage, high output and designed to handle both low air flow hobby use and high air volume commercial use. 
RVK 125E2-A1 ventilateur - 225m3/hr
No. d'article 08-355-010
RVK 100E2-A1 ventilateur - 175m3/hr
No. d'article 08-355-005
RVK 200E2-L1 ventilateur - 950m3/hr
No. d'article 08-355-027
RVK 200E2-A1 ventilateur - 750m3/hr
No. d'article 08-355-025
RVK 250E2-A1 ventilateur - 760m3/hr
No. d'article 08-355-030
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Chargement en cours